All Events
April, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Apr 2019School New Session Start
2Friday05 Apr 2019National Maritime Day (Assembly by VIII-A)
3Friday12 Apr 2019Drawing & Painting Competition (P.N to XII)
4Thursday18 Apr 2019World Heritage Day (Assembly by VIII-B)
5Wednesday24 Apr 2019Class maintenance Day (P.N to XII)
6Saturday27 Apr 2019PTM, EDu Sports Kick Off Parents, Fundoo Day.
May, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 May 2019Inter Nation Labour Day(Assembly by VII-A)
2Wednesday08 May 2019Word Red Cross Day (Assembly by VII-B)
3Saturday11 May 2019Mother's Day (Assembly by VI-A), Celebration by Edu Sports
4Monday13 May 2019Extra Classes for (IX-XII)
5Monday13 May 2019Chess and VolleyBall Tournament (VI-XII)
6Tuesday14 May 2019Chess and VolleyBall Tournament (VI-XII)
7Wednesday15 May 2019Chess and VolleyBall Tournament (VI-XII)
8Thursday16 May 2019T.T and Cricket tournament (VI-XII)
9Friday17 May 2019T.T and Cricket tournament (VI-XII)
10Saturday18 May 2019T.T and Cricket tournament (VI-XII)
11Monday20 May 2019Badminton and Athletics (VI-XII)
12Tuesday21 May 2019 Badminton and Athletics (VI-XII)
13Wednesday22 May 2019 Badminton and Athletics (VI-XII)
14Thursday23 May 2019Carom and Foot Ball (VI-XII)
15Friday24 May 2019 Carom and Foot Ball (VI-XII)
16Saturday25 May 2019 Carom and Foot Ball (VI-XII)
July, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Jul 2019School Re-Opens
2Tuesday02 Jul 2019Doctor's Day (Assembly by VI-B)
3Saturday06 Jul 2019I Unit Test Result (Edu Sports FunDay- A day with Dad)
4Thursday11 Jul 2019World Population Day (Assembly by IX-A)
5Saturday13 Jul 2019How do we do (ppt) (VII-IX, XI)
6Friday19 Jul 2019Product Launch (ppt) (VII-IX, XI)
7Wednesday24 Jul 2019Tech Talk (VII-IX, XI)
8Monday29 Jul 2019Investiture Ceremony
August, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday03 Aug 2019Group Singing (Nur-III), Group Dance (IV-V)
2Monday05 Aug 2019International Friendship Day (Assembly by IX-B)
3Tuesday06 Aug 2019Hiroshima Day (Assembly by XII-A)
4Thursday08 Aug 2019World Senior Citizen Day/Quit India Day (Assembly by XII-B)
5Saturday10 Aug 2019Group Singing (VIII-IX), Group Dance (VI-VII)
6Tuesday13 Aug 2019Mehndi and Rakhi Competition (IV-IX)
7Thursday15 Aug 2019Independence Day, Group Singing (VI-VII), Group Dance (VIII-IX)
8Saturday17 Aug 2019Group Singing (IV-V), Group Dance (Nur-III)
9Saturday24 Aug 2019English Creative Writing
10Thursday29 Aug 2019International Sports Day (Assembly by XII-C) & 29th NSD (53-58 Quiz Competition based on slam by Edu Sports)
September, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday05 Sep 2019Teacher's Day Celebration
2Monday09 Sep 2019World Literacy Day (Assembly by X-A) & Grand Parent 's Day by Edu Sports
3Saturday14 Sep 2019Hindi Day (Assembly by X-B))
4Monday16 Sep 2019I Term Exams Start
October, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday02 Oct 2019Gandhi Jayanti (Assembly on 1st Oct by X-C)
2Thursday03 Oct 2019World Habitat Day (Assembly by XI-A)
3Friday04 Oct 2019World Animal Welfare Day (Assembly by XI-B)
4Saturday05 Oct 2019Spelling Bee (III-IX)
5Wednesday09 Oct 2019World Post Office Day (Assembly by XI-C)
6Friday11 Oct 2019Hindi Creative Writing
7Saturday12 Oct 2019Parent Teacher Meeting (Relatives Day by Edu Sports)
8Wednesday16 Oct 2019World Food Day (Assembly by V-A)
9Thursday17 Oct 2019Skit Competition (IV-V)
10Friday18 Oct 2019Skit Competition (VI-VII)
11Saturday19 Oct 2019Skit Competition (VIII-IX)
12Thursday24 Oct 2019UNO Day (Assembly by V-B)
13Thursday31 Oct 2019Picnic (IV,V,VI)
November, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Nov 2019Picnic (VII,VIII,IX)
2Saturday02 Nov 2019Picnic (PC-III)
3Thursday14 Nov 2019Children's Day Celebration (Boom-Boom Ronaldo Football By Edu Sports)
4Friday15 Nov 2019News Paper Day (Assembly by IV-A)
5Saturday30 Nov 2019Annual Cultural Function
December, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday04 Dec 2019Hindi Elocution (PC-IX)
2Saturday07 Dec 2019English Elocution (PC-IX), English Debate (X-XII)
3Tuesday10 Dec 2019Human Right Day (Assembly by IV-B) & Atheletics By Edu Sports
4Wednesday11 Dec 2019Story Telling (PC-VII), Speech (VIII-IX)
5Saturday14 Dec 2019Oral Presentation (PC-IX), Hindi Debate (X-XII)
6Monday16 Dec 2019Unit Test (PC-XI), Pre-Board Class XII Starts
January, 2020
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday04 Jan 2020Parent Teacher Meeting (Pre-Board & Unit Test Result)
2Saturday11 Jan 2020National Youth Day (Assembly by IX-A)
3Thursday16 Jan 2020Army Day (Assembly by IX-B)
4Saturday18 Jan 2020Sibling day by Edu Sports
5Thursday23 Jan 2020Neta ji Subhash Chandra Bose Birthday (Assembly by VIII-A)
6Sunday26 Jan 2020Republic Day Celebration & Celebrino 2020 art Science Exibition & Fate Carnival
7Monday27 Jan 202010th Class Pre-Board Starts
8Thursday30 Jan 2020Matyr's Day (Assembly by VIII-B)
9Friday31 Jan 2020Farewell Class XII
February, 2020
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday07 Feb 2020Edu Sports (Annual Show)
2Thursday13 Feb 2020Sarojini Naidu's Birthday (Assembly by VII-A)
3Friday28 Feb 2020National Science Day (Assembly by VII-B)
March, 2020
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday04 Mar 2020National Security Day (Assembly by XI Science)
2Sunday08 Mar 2020International Women's Day (Assembly by XI Commerce)
3Saturday21 Mar 2020One Day Camp by Edu Sports
4Friday27 Mar 2020Final Report, Awareness Programme.