Academic calender of the school
4-Apr-2024 New Session Begins
3-Apr to 13-Apr 2024 Assembly by class X-A
15-Apr to 20-Apr 2024 Assembly by class X-B
20-Apr-2024 Writing Competition (LKG - V) Creating Writing Competition (VI-XII)
22-Apr to 27-Apr 2024 Assembly by class X-C
26-Apr-2024 Drawing competition (Nur-5) Poster making (VI-XII)
27-Apr-2025 Parents teacher's intorduction meeting
29 Apr-04 May 2024 Assembly by XII H
01st May 2024 First Unit Test Starts
6 May - 11 May 2024 Assembly by class XII-D+E
04th May 2024 Extempore competition (VI-VIII)
13 May - 31 May 2024 Extra Classes & Sports
3rd July 2024 School Re-Opens
3rd July to 13th July 2024 Assembly by class XII-A
6th July 2024 Extempore competition (IX-XII)
16th July to 20th July 2024 Assembly by class XII-B
13th July 2024 Parents Teacher's Meeting (1st unit test result)
22nd July to 27th July 2024 Assembly by class XII-C
20th July 2024 Hindi/English debate (VI-VIII)
27th July 2024 Elocution (English) classes Nur - V
29th July - 3rd Aug 2024 Assembly by class IX - A
31th July 2024 Investiture Ceremony
3rd Aug 2024 Hindi debate (9-10, 11-12)
5th Aug - 10th Aug 2024 Assembly by class IX-B
10th Aug 2024 English Debate (9-10, 11-12)
12th Aug - 17th Aug 2024 Assembly by IX- C
15th Aug 2024 Independence Day Celebration, Fancy Dress Competition Nur to V, Face Painting Compitition VI to XII
19th Aug - 24th Aug 2024 Assembly by VIII - A
17th Aug 2024 Spell Bee (I - V)
24th Aug 2024 Hindi Elocution (Nur - V) Quiz (VI-XII)
26th Aug - 31th Aug 2024 Assembly by VIII - B
31st Aug 2024 Quiz(I -IV)
2nd Sep - 7th Sep 2024 Assembly by class VII-A
9th Sep to 14th Sep 2024 Assembly by class VII-B
9th Sep 2024 1st Term Exam Starts
16th Sep to 21st Sep 2024 Assembly by VI-A
23rd to 28th Sep 2024 Assembly by VI-B
30th Sep to 5th Oct 2024 Assembly by V - A
7th Oct to 12th Oct 2024 Assembly by V - B
5th Oct 2024 Parent Teachers Meeting ( 1st Term Result)
14th Oct to 19th Oct 2024 Assembly by IV
21st Oct to 26 Oct 2024 Assembly by School Council
28th Oct 2024 Annual Day
4th Nov to 9th Nov 2024 Assembly by XI - A
11th Nov to 16th Nov 2024 Assembly by XI - B
18th Nov to 23th Nov 2024 Assembly by XI - C
25th Nov to 30th Nov2024 Assembly by XI - H
2nd Dec to 7th Dec 2024 Assembly by XI - D + E
4th Dec 2024 Pre Board and unit test result.
9th Dec - 14th Dec2024 Assembly by VIII-A
16th Dec to 21st Dec 2024 Assembly by VIII-B
23rd Dec to 31th Dec 2024 Assembly by VII-A
8th Jan to 18th Jan 2025 Assembly by IX - A + IX B
20th Jan 25th Jan 2025 Assembly by IX-C
27th Jan to 1st Feb 2025 Assembly by VII-B
3rd Feb to 8th Feb 2025 Assembly by VI-A
10th Feb to 15th Feb 2025 Assembly by VI-B
17th Feb to 22nd Feb 2025 Assembly by I - III
Final Exam Days Assembly by school Council
2nd Apr2025 New Session Begins

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