Investiture Ceremony
“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

The Investiture Ceremony shows of Modern Public School, Kanpur Road, Jhansi for the academic session 2019-2020 was held with great pomp and dignity in a special ceremony at the school Auditorium.
The event was presided by the following dignitaries:
Our Chairman of MGI Capt. A. Vishwanathan, Our Chairperson Mrs. S. Vishwanathan, Dr. Rohin Vishwanathan (Vice Chairman of MGI), Mrs. Anshita Vishwanathan(Vice Principal of Modern School), Managing Director of MGI Mr. Apoorv Shukla , Mrs. Ratna Vishwanathan Shukla (Vice Principal MPS), Mrs. Neena Diamond ,Mrs. Poonam Nigam (Administrator), Mrs. Sarah Nalini Rai (Administrator), Mrs. Chanchal Saluja (Administrator), Mrs. Cheryl Baines (Former Administrator), Co-ordinators : Mrs. Archana Namdev, Mrs. Renu Mishra, Mrs. Ritu Sharma, Mrs. Jaya Chauhan, Mrs. Zubeida Khan, Mrs. Shukhvinder Bhatia,Mrs. Ruchi Saluja.
The Investiture Ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school office bearers.
The ceremony started by welcoming all dignitaries with a bouquet and the lighting of the lamp during which the school choir sang a melodious prayer song.
We then had pastor Avinash Singh to bless the school and the children especially the newly appointed office bearers.
The school choir then sang a song in which they showed their love for their school.
Then came a small entertainment dance programme by students in Ballet form which was much appreciated. Chairman Sir and Chairperson Ma’am pinned badges and congratulated the Head Boy, Head Girl and other office bearers.
Rest of the students were given badges by Dr. Rohin Vishwanathan (Vice Chairman of MGI), Mrs. Anshita Vishwanathan(Vice Principal of Modern School) and Mrs. Ratna Vishwanathan Shukla administered the Oath Ceremony.
Lighting of the Lamp for office bearers was done by the Vice Chairman Sir Dr.Rohin Vishwanathan and Managing Director of MGI Mr. Apoorv Shukla.
The New Wall of fame was then unveiled by Chairman Sir and Chairperson Ma’am and they blessed the new appointees with encouraging words.
The Head Boy and Head Girl gave a vote of thanks and lastly everybody stood up for the School Anthem.
The parade retreated and scintillating programme came to an end.
We congratulate all the appointees and hope they continue to strive and do their best and keep the Banner of their school flying high.
The names of new appointees are as under:
Head Boy – Shubhankar Mishra
Head Girl - Ravina Patel
Vice- Head Boy – Shivam Kumar
Vice- Head Girl – Shaily Dwivedi
Sports Capt. Boy – Harshit Shivhare
Sports Capt. Girl – Prachi Dangi
Sports Vice-Capt. Boy – Hari Om Singh
Sports Vice-Capt. Girl – Khushi Shrivastava
Red House Capt.- Abhishek Singh Gaur
Red House Vice Capt.- Vaidehi Pathak
Blue House Capt.- Yash Hayaran
Blue House Vice Capt.- Rishabh Narayan
Green House Capt.- Aman Prakash
Green House Vice Capt.- Shyamit Goyal
Yellow House Capt.- Harsh Madhukar
Yellow House Vice Capt.- Shweta Tiwari
Discipline Incharge - Aditya Singh
Discipline Incharge - Bhanu Pratap Singh -
Discipline Incharge - Aryan Jain
Discipline Incharge - Bhavna Singh
Discipline Incharge - Divya Singh

Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of the functioning of the administrative body, a School Council is formed.
Modern Public School, Kanpur Road held its Investiture Ceremony in the auditorium on 25th July 2016. This day is a proud moment for all office bearers. The programme was presented with all pomp and aura.
It started with the lighting of the lamp by all dignitaries. Then the programme was introduced about importance of this day. A prayer song was sung by the choir group followed by an invocation dance. Students then read holy verses from the Bible, Geeta, Quran and Guru Granth.
The class monitors of classes VI to XII marched smartly to the stage. Their badges were pinned by The Vice Principal Mrs. Neena Diamond and Mrs. Ratna Shukla the students then took an oath to fulfill duties entrusted on them.
Leaders translate dreams into reality and vision into action. They lead us and guide us. The school young leaders marched smartly to the stage. First came the house captains and Vice Captains. Their badges were pinned by Mrs. P. K. Bedi and Mrs. Seema Mishra.
Next came leaders who make the school proud the Head Boy and The Head Girl along with the vices and sports captains marched smartly to the stage. Their badges were pinned by the Director Capt. Arvind Vishwanathan and Principal Mrs. Shanti Vishwanathan. An oath of honour was conducted by the Principal. All then stood for the School Anthem. The Director sir congratulated the students and all teachers. Mrs. Poonam Nigam and Mrs. Nalini Rai along with their team organized the programme which was a great success.
The programme was concluded by The National Anthem.
The School office beares are:
Head Boy: Harshit Kulshreshtra
Head Girl: Kalyani Swain
Vice Head Boy : Rajesh Parihar
Vice Head Girl: Yayakshi Singh
Sports Captain(Girl) : AnshikaVerma
Sports Captain (Boy) :Anoop Singh
House Captains
Red House Captain : Prateek Sagar Richhariya
Red House Vice Captain: Aanshi Singh
Blue House Captain : Richa Yadav
Blue House Vice Captain : Harshit Painuli
Green House Captain : Kushboo Rajpoot
Green House Vice Captain: Shubhankar Mishra
Yellow House captain : Shreyansh Bohre
Yellow House Vice Captain : Deepanshi Katiyar
Sports Vice Captain(Girl) : Jyotsna Chaudhary
Sports Vice Captain( Boy): Sharad Kumar
The programme was hosted by: Nikita Yadav XII
Namrata Verma XI
Khushi Vargi XII
Class Monitors:
Play Centre- Sanjna Yadav
LKG: Kashish Bharti
UKG: Shreyansh Yadav
1: Jay Patel
2: Harshit Katiyar
3: Abhay Pal
4A: Gaurav Singh Pal
4B: Mohit Yadav
5A: Prashant Parihar
5B: Bhanu Pratap Singh
6A :Priyanshu Dubey
6B: Rishabh Yadav
7A: Ritik Kumar
7B: Satyam Prajapati
8A :Durgesh Kushwaha
8B: Prachi Dangi
9A: Aman Sharma
9B: Shivam Yadav
9C: Vishal Yadav
10A :Nisha Singh
10B: Krishna Gupta
10C: Anirudh Sharma
11A : Krishna Singh
11B: Satyam Prajapati
12A: Harshdeep Gautam
12B: Himanshu Sahu

“Do not follow where the path may lead……. go instead, where there is no path and have a trail…..”

The Investiture Ceremony of Modern Group of Schools, Kanpur Road, Jhansi was held on 3rd Aug 2015. This formal ceremony of conferring the authority and responsibility to office bearers began with lighting of the lamp which signifies the removal of darkness and ignorance and igniting it with light and energy in ourlives followed by a Prayer Song. The School Director, Principals, Chief Guest and Guest of Honour hoisted the school flag while the children sang, the school song ‘MPS we love you ……….
First the class monitors of IVstd to XII std receiving their badges from Mrs. Neema Diamond (Vice Principal ICSE/ISC) and Mrs. Poonam Nigam (Administrator). Oath was take by all. The Class Monitors pledged their responsibilities towards their classes.Then the House captains and Vice Captians, The sports Captain boy and girl along with the Vice captains, Head Boy, Head Girl and vices were pinned with badges by The Director Captain ArvindVishwanathan. Principal ICSE/ISC Mrs. Shanti Vishwanathan, Principal CBSE Dr. RohinVishwanathan,Vice Principal CBSE Mrs. AnshitaVishwanathan and the Chief Guest Major AnkurMahajan and Guest ofHonour Honorary Lt. Vani.
This year’sStudent Council is as follows:
Head Boy
SanketVerma XII Head Girl
SimranRai XII
Vice Head Boy
Raj Ratna XI Vice Head Girl
ShraddhaMourya XI
Blue House Captain
RishabhYadav XII Blue House Vice-Captain
Shruti Gupta Xi
Green House Captain
Suresh Rajpoot XII Green House Vice-Captain
PriyankaYadav XI
Yellow House Captain
Ujjawal Gupta XII Yellow House Vice-Captain
RashiSoni XI
Red House Captain
AbhishekDubey XII Red House Vice-Captain
Shreya Gupta XI
Sports Captain Boys
PawanRajpoot XII Vice Sports Captain Boys
Harsh Deep Gautam XI
Sports Captain Girls
Swati Yadav XII Vice Sports Captain Girls
AkshitaYadav XI
The newly elected Student Council pledged to work hard and keep up the school motto BE TRUE BRAVE AND LOVING. The Director, Principals and the Chief Guest congratulated the office Bearers and wished them all the Very Best in their future endeavoursAs once a leader….always a leader. With position comes responsibilities towards themselves and towards their school. They should always help in keeping the school banner flying high.
The ceremony was concluded by National Anthem.

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