Diwali Celebration 2019-20
  • Event Date: 25-Oct-2019
  • Updated On: 31-Oct-2019
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Description: Today at Modern Public School Kanpur Road Jhansi. We celebrated Diwali in which Ganesh Laxmi Puja Ceremony was organized in which the entire Management Staff Principal Mrs S. Vishwanathan and Vice Principal Mrs Ratna Shukla Vishwanathan were present Students took part in Card making or Diya making , Drawing completions and Rangoli completions Diwali is one of India's biggest festivals. The word 'Deepawali' means rows of lighted lamps. It is a festival of lights and Indians celebrate it with joy. During this festival, people light up their houses and shops with Diyas clean and painting houses They worship the Lord Ganesha for welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom. This festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartikamasam which falls sometime during October or November. It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile and his victory over the Demon Ravana. In many parts of India, Deepawali is celebrated for five consecutive days and is one of the most popular festivals in India. Indian regard it as a celebration of life and use the occasion to strengthen relationships. In some parts of India, it marks the beginning of a New Year. Wising you all a very happy Diwali. Be Ambitious, Be Modernites!!

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