Spacious well-ventilated classrooms with natural light, provide a conducive environment for learning. Every classroom has broadband connectivity, audio-visual facilities, public address system, display boards, lockers for students, and ergonomically designed age-appropriate furniture.

All the classes equipped with the CCTV Cameras

School has a well-stocked Central Library with 20000+ books of every genre for students. Students can issue any book as needed. Library is managed electronically so that the books can easily be traced if misplaced. The library aids in the honing of a learner’s speaking and reading skills. Not only that but also the various reading competitions also help students acquire awareness and confidence in public speaking.

Education as a process has acquired a new dimension with the application of technology in this field. By demonstrating various experiments, scientific concepts are made easily understandable to the students. Catering to the demands of new generation students, SWC Jhansi has arranged a full- fledged physics lab which accommodates more than 40 students at a stretch. We have facilities to carry out experiments based on Heat, Electricity, Mechanics, Magnetism which enhance the scientific knowledge and create an atmosphere of scientific thinking among students.

The chemistry lab is spacious enough to accommodate nearly 40 students at a time with sufficient working space. The lab has a fume cupboard and all the equipments that support the students’ need for carrying out the project works prescribed by the CBSE for senior classes. Each student is provided with adequate space to work independently in the lab.

It has an extensive range of scientific models, specimens, slides, charts, instruments, equipment’s and apparatus that cater to the scientific needs of all levels of classes right from the primary to the senior secondary level. Students experience the real sense of biological concepts by carrying out hands-on practical’s here. The Biology laboratory also provides a platform for the budding scientists of the senior secondary section to carry out their projects

Amazing learning happens when a student himself does the theorems he has learnt in the math class. To enrich the teaching of Mathematics at the school level, the math lab has been set up. The “learning by discovery” approach is practiced here and students are made to work on projects and activities, which highlight the relevance of mathematics.

They get hands on experience. The lab also encourages group learning, cooperative learning among children. It not only encourages ‘do & discover’ method but also removes the fear of Math and thus complements classroom learning. They not only study the various concepts, they go back to the life of the mathematician, learn about his background, his life, learning strategies, and the limited opportunities he had to work with. It inspires the young mind by emulating their example.

School has Computer labs with 24 PC’s each separated class wise. Students are taken to Computer Lab as per schedule. Students can learn concepts more practically in Computer lab.

The multi-purpose hall is the hub center of all important activities of the school with the seating capacity of approximately 700+ students. It occupies an enviable position as far as the infrastructure facilities are concerned. The latest lights and sound effects, a very spacious stage and convenient green rooms at both right and left wings makes it possible for the teachers and students to venture into newer forays by putting up some of the best in-house productions in Hindi and English, organize various inter school and zonal competitions, hold workshops, to name just a few. The entry to the hall is also planned as a reward to a disciplined class where they can have music and dance to suit their taste. Undoubtedly, the auditorium caters to the multidimensional approach to learning.

Drinking water matters much in a child’s health. MPS is set with a R.O Purified drinking Water , that refines the drinking water, throughout the campus. With this, water coolers are also kept to provide chilled water to Students.

The canteen food is very tasty and it is very neat. The food is all sealed and served in packets, so that it makes it easy to carry around and have food. There is a canteen in-charge that takes care of the quality of the food and the neatness of the canteen.
The cooks of the canteen are very nice and they make sure that we students get the best food. Since the canteen functions very well, most of the students prefer to have food from here and the canteen would be full almost on all working days.

Spacious Lifts are installed in each building to ensure no hindrance for Disabled or Medically Unfit personnels.

MPS has a very well equipped music room. From a piano to guitars both acoustic and electric, keyboards, tabla, harmonium, veena and a drum set that can bring the roof down - we have it all. The school has a choir and a band which represents the school at various occasions. There is adequate space to train about 20 to 25 students in music and dance at a time.

The School has a well-laid, lush green playground, a multi-purpose court and an indoor sports complex for various sports and games such as football, athletics, basketball, lawn tennis, volleyball, table tennis, chess, carrom, etc. Apart from organising regular physical education classes, these facilities are also used for providing specialised coaching to students in various sports and games.

Sports is not a free period, but a curriculum for a Active student Life. We encourage more and more children to play as we understand only a physically fit mind can reside in a Healthy Body.

Our Washrooms are regularly Supervised and cleaned , we have bright and clean Lighting. We have non slipping Floors. And separate for Boys, Girls, teachers, and PWD.

We have a Sick room, with a Full time Medial Professional Nurse to aid to any Emergency.

The complete premises is covered under strict surveillance of CCTV through out the day and night.

School Has its Bus services which are equipped with GPS tracking devices.

WIFI-Wi-Fi Campus-Means to connect to the globe. The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled and provides 24 hours uninterrupted Wi-Fi internet access to its staff and teachers.

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