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Our logo of MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL has two green leaves in its outer edge which shows that be modern but don't forget your moral values. The inner part consists of a book, sun and the nation. The book is a symbol of mightiest weapon of today - education, the sun represents a new beginning of a human and to be “BE TRUE, BRAVE AND LOVING” for your nation and yourself happens to be our motto also.


To be true means, we must always speak the truth and have the power of conviction to accept our faults, mistakes, whatever may be the consequence. Trueness should be in your words, deeds, thoughts, intentions with uprightness, faithfulness & loyalty. The highest judge measurement of your truthfulness in your conscience which will tell you the right or wrong. Develop to listen to your conscience.


It does not mean that you should be physically strong, but it means having or showing courage to face all unpleasant conditions with great skill, enthusiasm and determination. In simple words it means whatever aim you have in life has to be achieved on the basis of merit, it is only then you will have satisfaction in life.


You should always love everyone the way you would like to be loved, therefore your love should be transparent and unconditional. One should have the ability to see beyond the fault of others, filling hearts with songs, lives with dreams and our days with happy memories.

Develop a habit to forgive everyone it shall be repaid handsomely by the Lord.

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