Our Culture

It is beneath the effervescence of its campuses, that the students of the Modern Public School find the wellsprings of the professional attitude and vigour, which distinguishes them from other School. Students develop their own ability and talent, and discover their learning potential to the fullest, which is reached in an invigorating and competitive atmosphere, created by excellent facility and exposure and guidance provided by our highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

The social and moral value, which are ingrained within a broad and balanced curriculum help to promote confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills, leading to the development of the well adjusted, adoptable and integrated personalities. In other words, MPS offers a comprehensive and holistic education.

Besides being committed to academic excellence and providing an education for all round development, another special characteristic of MPS is the appreciation of the worth of the individual student. The school is equally committed to the under represented and less privileged segments of the population, whose parents did not attend school and children with high potential facing difficult financial circumstances.

These qualities have placed Modern Public School on the forefront of the educational panoramic view of India. There has been a continuity of purpose underlined with change and growth of the school. Over the years, MPS has steadily reflected a spirit of innovation in response to need, and has broadened its educational mission by creating an academic environment that fosters close association and the exchange of ideas with some of the top school in the nation and abroad.

All the academic programs and activities at MPS work towards the motto BE TRUE, BRAVE AND LOVING.

Modern Public School Jhansi with a difference. Their Endeavour’s are:

  • To foster the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students in order to enhance their quality of life.
  • To prepare students for active and independent learning in an environment which inculcates spirit of enquiry and healthy competition.
  • To enable students to take decisions about their future and help them in crystallizing their goals.
  • To evoke in students, pride for the cultural heritage of India coupled with the best form of modern education and helping them to adapt them according to the need of the hour.
  • To maintain a high level of co-operation and support between the parents and the school.
  • To learn to respect all religion and beliefs.
  • To encourage the students and teachers to extend beyond the four walls of the classrooms, transcending barriers of space and time through the interactive website ‘www.modernuniverse.in’ and to give a new platform not only to gain but also to express the knowledge exploring the endless possibilities of internet in their lives.
  • To enable the students and teachers to have an access to the best facility in their respective fields striving towards achievement.
  • To preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence.
  • To prepare the youth to be responsible world citizens of 21st century
  • To encourage globalization and international understanding by having students from all nations with diverse cultural backgrounds
  • To lay stress on character building and to infuse a spirit of adventure, fair play and justice.
  • To consider students, staff and parents as partners in the learning experience.
  • To extend school academics to specialized training for entry in professional streams, which is one of the Modern Public School’s unique strength.
  • To enhance physical, mental and spiritual growth of the child through a perfect blend of academics, sports and cultural activities, without linking it to any specific religion.

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