General rules

General Rules

  • Punctuality: Students should observe punctuality which is an important aspect of personality development. All students should reach school fifteen minutes before the bell. They should be picked up within the ten minutes after school
  • School Assembly: The school conducts morning assembly daily for all the students and staff. News headlines, a topic for discussion, Quiz, Drill, Prayer, Pledge and National Anthem are conducted everyday.


Children must not be sent to school with toys, money, ornaments, mobiles etc. The school will not be responsible if any of these articles are lost. Fees should be sent by cheque along with the bill books or done Online.

English conversation

It is compulsory for all students to converse in English within the school campus with teachers and co-students. Students who do not make an attempt to speak in English will be taken to task. Regular English conversation classes will be conducted during summer and spring camps.

Verbal Assurances

No verbal assurances given by any member of the staff will be accepted.

Similarly no verbal statements made by parents will be accepted. Parents must always write an application to the principal on any points they wish to make.

Home Work

Parents are requested to read the school diary of their ward daily and see that the homework is done neatly. Parents must sign the homework everyday in the diary.

School Bus Facility

  • Bus facility will be available with the parents request in the office.
  • Students will be picked up and left only from points fixed by the school authorities
  • The Bus fees will be charged quarterly along with the fees.
  • Students must not misbehave and disobey the conductor, if found so will not be allowed to use the school bus.

Techno Education

  • All the schools have special studies for science, visual and performing arts & well equipped computer Science, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English Labs.
  • Smart classrooms encourage students to revise, research, assimilate the syllabus done in class.

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