Dance and Singing Competition (ASHWAMEDHA-2)
  • Event Date: 10-Aug-2019
  • Updated On: 10-Aug-2019
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Description: Today at Modern Public School, Kanpur Road Jhansi, ASHWAMEDHA-2, Day-2, the cultural battle singing and dancing competition was held. In which all the students participated enthusiastically. The competition was judged by Mrs. P.K. Bedi, Mrs. Neena Diamond, & Mrs. Poonam Nigam. Our Principal Mrs.S.Vishwanathan and Vice Principal Mrs. Ratna Vishwanathan Shukla encouraged all the students and the participants. Our Chairman Mr. A. Vishwanathan announced the results, motivated students and congratulated the efforts put in by all unsung heroes, working together and making this a wonderful program. Singing Competition VIII and IX IX-C - Stood First (CLASS TEACHER-RENU MISHRA) VIII-B - Stood Second (CLASS TEACHER-MAHESH DEVARIA) IX-A - Stood Third (CLASS TEACHER-MANOJ TRIPATHI) Dance Competition VI and VII VI-B - Stood First (CLASS TEACHER-SHYAM SUNDAR ANAND) VII-B - Stood Second (CLASS TEACHER-DIWAKAR DUBEY) VI-A - Stood Third (CLASS TEACHER-DOLLY SINGH)

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